135# no point

So I have been sleeping quite early for the past few days. Nothing interesting but sleeping and dreaming. Haha.

However today (tonight) I intentionally spend my time in front of tv in my ruang tamu (apa ruang tamu dalam english? Lupa tetiba) longer than usual since Ummi looks a little bored. Abah keluar buat urusan penting sat. Obviously not sepenting anak dia ni. Haha.

The other reason that leads me to not to sleep early is because I have not pack my things for tomorrow trip to Melaka after work. One of my juniors is getting married and being a not so important person, I will be going tomorrow, insyaAllah after work. Dari opis terus chow to Melaka so kena pack baju sesiap. Tapi setakat 942 malam ni, gue still malas. Haha. 

"Junior kau pun dah kahwin, kau bila lagi?"

Ah, boring betul soalan macam ni.

"Kalau aku bagitahu bila aku kahwin, kau nak sponsor ke? Kalau tak, baik kau diam". 

Hahaha. Buat buat garang.

So, yeah. Pray for me so that I won't be that garang. Haha.

And what is the point when I update this entry?

No point, baby. No point. I am just missing my blog.


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