129# Ucu misses you

Today my parents went to see 2 of my nieces at school. They have shifted school for some reasons.

Before my parents left home, I passed 3 raya envelope to my mum.

"Tolong bagikan kat diorang. Duit raya dari Ucu".

My mum took a few seconds to digest. Yeah. Raya is approaching, mother. Very soon.

The fact that I may not be seeing them during hari raya makes me a lil sad. 

When I am at the office this afternoon, I whatsapped my mum asking how are they doing? Not long after that my mum whatsapped me a photo of them with the kids. 


Hati jatuh atas lantai.

I should have write a note and slip the note inside the raya envelope.

"Ucu misses you!"

Yeah, I should have write that on the note. Tengah taip ni pon mata berair.

May Allah swt protects you kids. 

Your Ucu

P/s: Hujan di Jelatek petang ni macam sama lebat hujan dalam hati Ucu. 


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