93# Tak Kelakar Pun.

Bismillah. Alhamdulillah.

My current job scope deals with initiatives/projects. It is not like before where things come in every single day, in every single hour, macam peluru. Inbox memanjang penuh kerana email yang berebut-rebut untuk masuk. 'BAU - business as usual' kind of works. That was before. Now, it is different. For a period of 6 months insyaAllah, my world will be better.hehe.

Since now I am managing initiatives/projects, I got to do extra homeworks. I have to google other companies' initiatives on internalizing values of integrity within their companies. Whether what our company is doing now is up to the standard, are we not there yet and etc. It is totally a new experience and I am loving the new challenge that I am taking. Though it is just for 6 months. At least, for future version of resume, something special can be added into.hehe. Plus point - we are among the GLCs who work so hard in putting efforts and initiatives to be a company with a better level of integrity. *insert poyoness*

So last week when I was in the lift, on my way to a normal lunch date session with they legal guys, I met one of my former colleague from procurement. This boss was kinda confuse what was I doing in Level 50 and above (51 to be exact). Note: to go to Level 50 and above, we have to use VIP lifts. Hence, I use those lifts everyday now since I am in Level 51. So I told him that I am currently in X Unit. 

Guess what he said?

"Oh, so sekarang dah tak review contract dah tak payah pening-pening gaduh sana gaduh sini la ye? Seronoklah kat X Unit sekarang, tak busy macam kat Procurement, macam kat Legal.."

Saya tergelak kecil. Mengiyakan juga sikit-sikit. Truth to be told, memang less stress, tak macam for the past 2 years. 

"Lega sikit lah sekarang ni Encik Mail. Tak payah review contract. Banyak plan on initiatives lah sekarang.."

Dia angguk-angguk beriya-iya.

"So study you macam mana?"

"Alhamdulillah dah habis tahun lepas. Lega.."

"Wah, study dah habis. Kerja pun relax sikit sekarang. Bolehlah plan untuk nasi minyak pula ya? Sebab kepala dah tak payah pening-pening". Dia gelak-gelak juga. Macam kelakar sangat gayanya.

Saya gelak-gelak juga. 
Tapi, sebenarnya tak kelakar pun saya rasa.
Jaga hati orang tua, apa salahnya ye?


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