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Bismillah. Alhamdulillah.

It is 630am in the morning and I am updating blog via phone. Konon macam savvy gila. Hehe

I have been thinking a lot for the past two years. When I first started working and makan gaji, I always believe that I do not want to live in this 'comfort zone' forever. I do not really favour the idea of 'makan gaji' not because I want to be rich for the reason of greedy. Bukan. Cumanya I appreciate more if I can rule my own time doing what I am passionate about dalam masa sama lagi banyak masa untuk spend bersama orang tersayang dan orang orang penting.

Sejak pegang gaji sendiri juga I have been reading a number of books and/or article about financial freedom, financial management, cashflow, rat race dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Not to forget attending talks on financial management juga. Tetapi diriku tetap makan gaji dengan penuh gaya (padahal gila). Hehe

I do not favor the idea of tak payah belajar, fikir bisnes je. Tak belajar tinggi pun boleh kaya. Yes. Kaya duit. Tapi anda mungkin boleh terjebak dalam budaya miskin ilmu.

I do not also favor the idea of belajar pandai pandai, nanti dapat kerja bagus-bagus, senang sampai tua. Yes memang senang tak payah fikir banyak nak uruskan bisnes, nak invest sana sini. Tapi, hiduplah dalam perlumbaan tikus mondok (rat race) sampai tua. Like what I am doing today. Hehe.

I have that dream to be financially freed. Tapi dream saja tak cukup kan? Kena bertindak. Itu yang sebagai permulaan, I started with DNTC which I do it because it is my passion. I forsee in few years time I will be able to conduct DNTC's seminars on many areas. Training and Consulting is not about money. But when you do something that you are passionate about, you will be so happy that such happiness is so valuable beyond the RM that you manage to brings into the business. 

Anyhow having my DNTC doesn't put me on the chair titled 'business woman'. I am self employed (with DNTC) where if I am not available, DNTC will not get down to events. I am also employed (in the big company where I work as a kuli) where at the end of every months my friends and I will be checking our payslips. Hehe. 

Having a master degree doesn't promise you to be a rich person not even promise you to get raise in salary. That is not something that I was aiming for pon. I enjoyed studying and challenging myself. But something quite sure is that if one day I happened to be quitting from the current company and looking for another company to work with, that master degree will help me to boost my confidence besides the little working experience that I have.

Hari ni tulis entry macam matang gila lah kan. Kalau tak matang gak tak tahu lah sebab angka umur dah nak bertambah sikit bulan lagi. Hehe. 

So yang nak disampaikan ialah, I am now planning to buy a Cashflow Boardgame. It is a board game. Hehe. I was thinking that if at the age of 24 I managed to get a pair of rollerblade as my birthday present (sponsored by my sister), and what it so unreal to get a boardgame as a birthday present at the age of 28 kan? Hehe.

Sebab boardgame yang ini bukan untuk bodohkan diri. Tapi untuk pandaikan diri. Will need some time to make up my mind when to buy but will definitely buy it as a reward for myself. Reward for? For being cool all the way since small till today. Bahaha. 

Cerita semua ni pung pang pung pang. Paling tak best is, hish tak pela. Lemme keep it to my self. Hehe.


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