#40 My funny best-friend

You know, to be someone's bestfriend, you don't have to share the same hobby or passion. All you need to do is to support your bestfriend in whatever good things that she/he does. 

In life so far I have two (2) real best-girlfriends. And many more good friends. (Alhamdulillah.)

One is married with two kids. I don't really know what makes us bestfriends but we just realized that we are meant to be bestfriends when we were in MRSM. We both are two different persons in totality. She is soft and I am hard. She speaks good things I speak bad things. She is everyone's favorite and I am everyone's enemy. She is gatal and I am not (that is why she got married early. hahaha. Kidding.)

Another one is still single whom I spent most of my free time with her. I don't really know too what makes us bestfriends. She is a boring person and I am a person with sense of humor. She speaks facts I speak rubbish. She is sooooo soft (beyond how soft a pondan is) but I am the opposite. She walks soooo slow (because she is the last Malay lady exist in this world) and I can't stand walking super-slow. She bakes well I don't even know how to use an oven. 

The only similarities that we currently have are: single, adorable, looking forward to improve ourselves in many possible ways. Hehehe

So last Saturday I had to attend a sharing session in an induction for a quite large scale program. The juniors invited few other seniors but only a few of us could make it. So the session was at night in some hutan (camp site) in Melaka. Obviously I don't need anyone except for someone to teman me during the journey to the camp. And I proposed this best friend of mine. At first, she bongkak-ly rejected my invitation. But after some nice offers that I made, she agreed to teman me. 

Among the great offers were:
  • Bring her to the best kedai asam pedas in town; and
  • Bring her to the best coconut shake kedai in town. 
*Letih speaking. Tadi I lupa I Melayu. Sekarang I sedar I Melayu.hehe*

So sesampainya kami di Melaka, kami pun pergi Kelebang, for the best coconut shake in town. And then kami singgah Masjid (also the best in town. semua Masjid pon best lah!) and then kami pergi makan asam pedas. Di mana? Pasar Borong Batu Berendam. Nanti kome google lah. Sebab dah janji nak 'suap' kawan dengan asam pedas paling best, kena lah pergi situ. hehe. Banyak lagi kedai asam pedas yang kome semua boleh cari kat Melaka. 

Selepas dipastikan kawan nan saorang ini kenyang perut, lega, dan memastikan risiko bebelan-bebelan panjang dikurangkan, maka kami ke hutan (camp site) yang dimaksudkan. The sharing session started at 8.30pm and scheduled to end at 11.00pm. Sepanjang sesi tu saya bergilir bercakap di depan bersama barisan senior (teman seperjuangan) yang lain, menjawab soalan dan sebagainya. 

Untuk orang yang bercakap, 8.30 ke 11.00 pm tu tak lah lama pun. Because I can talk for 24 hours kalau orang sudi dengar.haha. Tapi pastinya yang 'azab' ialah orang yang mendengar, kan? Tapi diorang takdelah tidur semuanya sebab kita selang-seli-kan dengan sesi tarian zapin oleh yours truly (acah je). Yang 'paaaaaling azab' ialah orang yang menunggu, melanguk sambil bersandar di dinding bertemankan sebuah buku sebagai bahan bacaannya. Dan orang yang menunggu itu adalah sahabatku nan saorang itu.hahaha

Sambil saya bercakap dan mendengar kawan-kawan lain bercakap (dan membohong) para juniors di hadapan, adalah whatsapp-whatsapp yang tak diundang memasuki handphone ku. 



Imagine, dia punya tahap boring mendengar 'talk' kami (yang tak de kena mengena dengan dia pun), sampai dia rasa nak muntah. Nazak kan?

Sampai ke sudah di berikrar taknak teman saya lagi pergi talk macam ni.hahaha. Tapi apa-apa pun saya bersyukur sebab ada yang baik hati teman walaupun rasa terseksa jiwa dan raga.

So coming back to the bestfriend-ship point as per my 1st para above, remember that you don't have to share the same passion as your bestfriend. Good enough if he/she can support all the good things that you love to do.

It is okay to be different. Bak kata orang bijak pandai, persamaan dihargai dan perbezaan diraikan. Yeke?

Thank you my funny bestfriend. Walaupun kau tidur sepanjang perjalanan tengah-tengah malam buta itu, tidak mengapa. Yang penting kau menjadi saksi bahawa akulah superwoman yang anggun lagi meletop-letop. Dan kau pun meletop-letop juga.

Sedap kan Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri Pasar Borong dan Coconut Shake Kelebang itu?
Tengok orang lah. (*berlagak face*)

Terima kasih, Sobiroh. You are the best (and the funniest!).


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